Leedall is a leader in state of the art Technology Integration

Technology Integration

Leedall is a leader in state of the art Technology Integration and provides a full range of Audio Visual solutions, Interactive Technologies, Digital Signage and Professional Services for projects of any size and complexity.


Our solutions are designed to enable you to Communicate, Integrate and Inspire your clients.

Examples of Leedall’s solutions are:

Building/Office Automation

An automated intelligent Building AV system can provide up to 25% more efficiency than a non-automated AV system while reducing overall maintenance costs. Leedall provides the best in class Building/Office Automation services to its clients.

Board Room/Conference Room Automation

Leedall can build a state of the art Boardroom / Conference room Automation system to create the perfect office environment which has intelligent and intuitive audio, video conferencing, lighting, control, projection and security systems.

Video/Audio Conferencing suites

Leedall provides a range of products and solutions which enable more efficient communication and collaboration suitable for Video Conferencing and Audio Conferencing suites.

Auditorium Solution

Leedall provides a full spectrum of audio visual solutions for Auditoriums and large performance spaces and halls including systems like projection screens, overflow areas audio and video capability, stage announcement systems etc.

Smart Classroom/Webcasting-Knowledge Management Solution

Leedall’s latest and newest AV systems can help your teachers teach more efficiently in schools and university while providing students easier ways to absorb the education. Leedall has been a pioneer in Smart Classroom solutions since 2007, with smart teaching technology powering numerous Schools and Universities in South Australia.

Training Room Solution

Leedall has provided custom audio visual solutions to training rooms to accommodate our clients budget and requirements. From basic wall mounted Tvs to projectors to multi user wireless video input, the experts at Leedall can come and help set up a solution that suits your needs.

Public Area Solution

We understand the audio visual, collaboration and community engagement requirements of public area Audio Visual solutions and we are able to design and integrate all the components of an Audio Visual solution for a Public Area.

Display & Projection Systems

Leedall has a huge range of display and Projection systems including 3D systems, visualisation systems, digital cinema and signage solutions, home entertainment, medical imaging and interactive smart walls in our local Adelaide showroom which can be tested and integrated to your AV integration needs. Our Digital Signage solutions bring the best-in-class products on a global scale to Australian clients, for use in Retail Showrooms and Branches.

Lighting & Dimming Control

Get the perfect light for any audio visual requirements with our range of lighting and dimming control systems.

Back Ground Music & Public Address System

Most of our systems also have capabilities to run Background music and public addresses.

High End Home Automation

Leedall can also setup Home Automation systems that works with your acoustics, lighting, blinds, temperature control, projection and displays, home cinema, video conferencing and internet TV and TV distribution.

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