Where we add value

Our Team works hard to uncover our client’s functional requirements and explore how the technology will be applied in their environments.


Leedall’s approach to client solutions is genuinely unique as we have evolved beyond a traditional Audio Visual company, due to our solid understanding of IP environments and knowledge of leveraging the convergence in ICT.

We have the resources to significantly reduce the commercial risk to our clients when investing in a solution. Our solutions include:

Solution Design

Leedall dedicates considerable time researching and specifying solution designs. We access all available resources from multiple strategic partners to ensure rigour is applied to the solution. We know that the User Experience is equally as critical as the capabilities of the technical solution.

Solution Diversity

Leedall invests significant time working with vendors to identify key features of specific products to best meet client requirements. Our clients are never ‘shoe horned’ into a product-driven solution. Ultimately, clients will always have choice, to ensure a high degree of comfort and minimise potential compromises.

Partner Support

In large projects with high Investment value and/or highly technical Solutions, Leedall engages with our supply Partners to either contribute to the solution design or endorse the technical solution we specify. This provides greater confidence to our clients that their technology investment will meet all business and project needs.

Solution Integrity

We are privileged to have one of the best commercially equipped Audio Visual and automation showrooms in Australia. This affords our clients the peace of mind to view, test, configure and experience almost all elements of their solution functioning. The other significant advantage for our clients, is that it provides a high degree of comfort due to Leedall’s ability to demonstrate or simulate the solution. You will know the solution will work before you commit to invest.

Installation Services

Leedall has highly experienced and certified Installation Technicians on staff. We take significant pride in the quality of our installation services.


We understand that sometimes the Best product can come at a Price. As such we have highly competitive financing options available for our solutions and services.

Leedall Get Green

Environmentally friendly removal and disposal of our rubbish from your site through to recycling blown projector globes Leedall utilises all Green initiatives where possible.


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